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wswq is useable!

wswq(uery) is ready for sane human consumption.

I decided towards the end of my extended riding vacation that I needed to get back behind the keyboard and keep my brain from completely melting before my next serious bit of work. I knew the only way I would be motivated would be to work on something that would be awesome, that I could give to other folks, and would be something I would actually use on a regular basis.

After the disappointment of finding out that Warsow doesn’t produce logs complete enough to do player stats, I decided to shift focus and create something that allows me to track at least my own server, and could be useful to others.

So far I have a basic server querying widget. Pertinent server info, levelshots (once you supply the image files), client lists and some readable (with a grid!) information architecture. Setup with a basic web template and the flexibility to easily add more, I next plan to add start playing with XML and seeing how small of a bandwidth footprint I can give the app.

For now the query script is up and running, check it here for the Smooth Operators NA CA Warsow server, here