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player history data for wswq

It had simply been too long since I had mucked around with some raw RRD files, so I decided to add the ability to track server statistics using RRDTool to wswq. I added another class Warsow::Poller that can track any vital server statistics (so far the only one I care to see is number of clients), store the data, and generate wonderfully generic rrdtool graphs.

Strangely enough I had yet to do anything with perl involving RRDTool, and got my first taste of RRD::Simple. It’s very nice that CPAN continues it’s legacy of being extremely useful for mature (read: old) software.

Of course now that I actually have the data, I’ve proven to myself that this small spike in Warsow activity since the .5 release is fast fading.. and wswq is going to be software without an audience before long.

Alas, entropy wins again.